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JMFD Customs 2023Staccato CS AFF Flex AIWB Sidecar Kydex Holster Lorica Squamata
  • JMFD Customs 2023Staccato CS AFF Flex AIWB Sidecar Kydex Holster Lorica Squamata

    JMFD Customs 2023 Staccato CS w/Streamlight TLR7 Sub AFF Flex AIWB Sidecar Kydex Holster-Lorica Squamata


    Available in right or left hand.


    This holster has been fitted and tested using an actual 2023 Staccato CS***NOT a blue mold.

    This is a special edition holster that has a matching back and blue finishing washers.


    ***You must run the Streamlight TLR 7 Sub 1913 with key #4 installed AS RECOMMENDED BY STACCATO. Sig, Glock, Hellcat & other models are NOT compatible***


    This is our latest offering for the 2023 Staccato CS lineup and one of the first 2 piece sidecar holsters available for the CS. The holster is made specifically for the Staccato CS. It is NOT made off of the C2 platform with the “it will work with the CS” attitude like some holsters on the market. These holsters are fitted and tested using an actual Staccato CS.


    This holster will fit the 2023 Staccato CS with the Streamlight TLR7 Sub and is compatible with RMR style optics.


    The 2 attachment clips on this holster are Made In The USA Grip Hook belt clips which fit belts up to 1.75”


    Machined aluminum finishing washers are used on all screws except for the 2 that attach the ModWing. The ModWing was not designed to be used with that type of finishing washer and we will not sacrifice function for looks so we utilize a different style of finish for those two screws.


    This holster comes with a ModWing Gen 2 concealment wing installed. Both small and large concealment claws for the wing are included.


    This holster has 2 adjustable retention posts which allow the user to adjust the retention (from the back of the holster) to their desired setting. There are also 2 adjustable retention screws on the mag carrier portion of the holster which allow the user to adjust the retention of the magazine (from the front side of the holster).


    The holster and sidecar mag carrier are attached together using military grade black shock cord which allows the holster to flex with the body. The ends of the shock cord are sealed with marine grade heat shrink to keep them from unraveling. This also provides a smooth end on the cord which makes it more comfortable against the body. This provides a much better look and feel than simply burning the ends of the cord which will ultimately lead to unraveling.


    Remember that shock cord will eventually wear out but it is simple to replace and available in most colors if you decide to change the look down the road.


    The inside of each holster is coated with a dry silicone lube to help prevent any of the annoying white kydex marks on the weapon. While these marks will just wipe off, we use this coating as an added measure of prevention.


    100% Made In The USA using .080 Kydex.






    We have these available in most colors. If you don't see the color or design you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to make one for you if the color or design is available.

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